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Invested in Each Other

Banks and credit unions look the same— each one is a stately building full of money, full of smiling tellers and little bowls full of candy. But one of the two institutions is owned by shareholders whose biggest priorities don’t include saving you money. Credit unions, on the other hand, are owned by their members, so everybody involved wants to keep fees low and returns high. Where would you rather invest your money?

"My son broke his neck almost 5 years ago and I had to quit working to care for him. Our expenses went up, and our income went down. It has been very difficult. Our extra income from the interest we receive from our CU makes a difference to us."

Paula- Smithfield, UT

"I work very hard to support my family, but due to some unexpected medical problems with my wife, our savings has been cleaned out. In order for us to survive we have had to live off of the VISA card offered through our credit union. Because of the low interest they offer on this card we have almost finished clearing our debts. I will be able to save some money that will help when it is needed, and will finally be able to quit my second job and be able to see my wife and kids again."

David- Slaterville, UT

Consider our
Rates the Friends-and-Family Discount

When you’re part of a family, you look out for each other. That’s one reason why investing your money with a credit union means you’ll be looked after. Because every member has a stake in the company, you’re part of a tight-knit group that makes sure nobody pays too much in interest or fees. If you’re not already a member of the credit union family, what are you waiting for?

Green Pig

Better rates.

Because credit unions don’t have to make a profit to line the pockets of corporate shareholders, the money you put into a credit union comes back to the community in the form of dividends, rebates and lower interest rates.

More Savings.

On average, credit unions have lower interest rates on loans, higher interest returns on investments, and fewer fees than banks. Last year, Utah credit unions saved their members more than $137 million in total benefits from interest rates and lower fees.

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We Take Care
of Our Own

What do you call a group of like-minded people with common values joining together for everyone’s mutual good? You could call it a community. You could call it a family. Or you could even call it a credit union, where you can expect great member service because every member is also a friend.

Same Services, Better Service

Credit unions have all the same offerings as big banks—including checking and savings accounts, mortgages, loans, credit cards, ATMs, wire transfers, and more—but with credit unions you can expect a higher level of trust and service that comes from shared values and common experience.

  • Credit unions in Utah—80
  • Credit union memberships in Utah—1,853,415
  • Percentage of population belonging to a credit union—64.9%


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